Finding Expert Help for Sexual Health and Fertility

Just as there are health care professionals who specialize in cancer care, there are also health care professionals who specialize in sexual health and fertility.

The following are some suggestions to keep in mind as you consider looking for health care providers who are attuned to and specialize in sexual health and fertility related concerns.  

 Finding a Sex Therapist

  • As sex can be complex not just physically but psychologically, it can be helpful to get support from a mental health professional to discuss any emotional/psychological issues that may be related to sexual function, performance, or pleasure. 

  • Consider looking for a licensed mental health professional with expertise in treating sexual problems. You may further consider finding a therapist with experience related to cancer care.  

  • Some cancer centers may have a sexuality program. Consider checking with your clinic or the hospitals near you to see what resources may be available to you. 

  • Consider scheduling an appointment with an Iris Mental Health therapist for further support.  

Below are resources you may find helpful:  

 Finding a Gynecologic Expert in Sexual Problems  

  • Some gynecologists have experience with navigating sexual problems with their patients. 

  • Gynecologists who treat sexual problems may not always have a lot of expertise in sexual consequences of cancer treatment, so be specific when seeking assistance. 

  • Try finding a gynecologist who specializes in menopause issues. 

These links have lists of gynecologists with this specialty: 

Finding an Expert in Men’s Sexual Health Problems  

  • Medical specialists in men’s sexual problems should be board-certified urologists or andrologists. Doctors with the most expertise did a fellowship in sexual medicine/andrology after completing their residency. Many urologists do a brief evaluation of erectile function and can prescribe medication. 

  • Be aware that there are some men’s sexual health clinics that offer questionable treatments like supplements, platelet-rich plasma, stem cell, or pneumatic shockwaves (See this scam identifying video from Mayo Clinic). 

This link has a list of specialists in male sexual health:    

  Finding Fertility Preservation and Infertility Treatment  

  • Men or women often try to make choices about freezing sperm, eggs, embryos, or ovarian tissue during treatment planning. 

  • Some also have options of infertility treatment after cancer treatment is over. 

  • Ask your oncologist about fertility preservation programs in the hospital treating you or in their referral network. 

  • You can often meet with a specially trained nurse to learn about your options. 

  • The Alliance for Fertility Preservation has a very useful online tool called Fertility Scout, to help patients find clinics in their area of the United States.