Iris Mini: Caregiver Account

With Iris, your caregiver can be an active participant in your care. Joining visits with your consent and accessing our comprehensive educational resources are just some of the benefits of providing Iris access to your caregiver. We will maintain your confidentiality while providing opportunities for better communication.

Here’s a brief overview of what your caregiver can and can't do with their Caregiver Account:



View patient’s health profile

Edit patient’s health profile information

View symptoms tracked by the patient

View patient’s after visit summaries

Attend any visit with patient consent

Schedule personal visits

Participate in group messages with Iris care providers and patients

View your 1:1 messages with Iris providers

Browse Iris' resource library

Track or edit symptoms on behalf of the patient

Attend Iris Virtual Events


How to Add Your Caregiver:

  1. Once logged into the Iris App or Iris Web Account, enter your account information by clicking on the Person/My Account in the upper right corner.

  2. In the My Account panel, choose “Invite Caregiver.” You will enter your caregivers name, date of birth, and email address. *Caregiver's must be 18 years or older to be eligible for an account.*

  3. The caregiver will then receive an email with a link and activation code to create their Caregiver Account. You will also have the option to share the invite via SMS/text message.

Good to know: You can remove a caregiver and cancel their account at any time within your Iris Account. Simply go to the My Account panel, choose “Caregiver” and then “Remove Caregiver”.