Keep Your Penis Healthy: Penile Rehabilitation

Penile rehabilitation can be an important process in helping prevent damage to the small blood vessels inside the penis. During an erection, blood flows into the penis and provides fresh oxygen to the surrounding tissue. By following a penile rehabilitation plan, you are allowing regular blood flow into the penis and helping address possible complications with erections. 

What is involved in a penile rehabilitation plan? 

  • Penile rehabilitation plans encourage the patient to get an erection a couple of times a week. 

  • It is important to try and follow the plan regularly with the guidance of your physician. 

  • Different treatments may be used to achieve an erection, including pills, penile injections, suppositories in the urethra, and/or using a vacuum erection device. 

  • A healthy lifestyle also helps maintain blood flow. This can include: 

  • Keeping your weight healthy 

  • Exercising as tolerated 

  • Participating in smoking cessation 

  • Limiting alcohol consumption 

How do I create a plan for penile rehabilitation? 

Prior to starting a penile rehabilitation program, you will meet with a specialist (such as a Urologist or Pelvic health specialist) to discuss your concerns and goals. Your physician will recommend any additional interventions (such as the treatments mentioned above) and help make a schedule that works for you. Just like a diet or an exercise plan, a penile rehabilitation plan must be practical so you feel you can succeed. It is important that you are comfortable with the plan proposed and communicate any needs to your provider during your treatment plan. 

What are some tips to help with your plan? 

  • Get physical exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week. Keeping your heart as healthy as possible may be a factor in recovering or keeping better erections after cancer treatment. It also helps your general health. 

  • If you are in a relationship, penile rehabilitation may be a way to get back into having sexual touch with your partner. Try to include an activity that gives you and your partner sexual pleasure together at least once every couple of weeks. 

  • The use of self-touch, sex toys, or videos may be a way to help you achieve an erection. 

  • Try and be consistent with your plan as much as possible.