Step by Step Guide for Accessing Five Wishes

  1. Visit

  2. You will see: “You must either login or create an account to redeem a campaign.”

    1. Choose “create.”

  3. Fill in your information

  4. Go to

  5. After you Submit, it will take you back to the same page, where you now click login.

  6. Then you will see: “Sign in or Register” and select “Sign in”

  7. Enter your username and password

  8. Once signed in, you will enter the code OncoHealth22 under Campaign Code.

  9. After the code is entered, you will see a webpage and click on “Available Document.”

  10. Enter the principal's information and click submit. A principal is the person for whom Five Wishes is being completed.

  11. Click Let’s Begin

  12. Click Accept and Continue to save your progress and advance to the next section

  13. To preview your progress, click Save and Print to download a PDF.