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Welcome to Iris, your connection between appointments, scans, and treatments.

Because symptoms don’t take weekends off, and questions don’t follow office hours. Sometimes, emotions catch us off guard.

Our team is here, 24/7, to provide answers, support, and honest conversations whenever you need them.

As you explore what Iris offers, we're here to guide you.

Here's a quick start:

  • Chat with our oncology nurses anytime about your symptoms or side effects.

  • Reach out to our mental health therapists for help with communication, concerns, or coping.

  • Connect with our registered dietitian nutritionist for support when eating has become difficult.

  • Discover articles and curated advice from our Iris Clinical Editorial Board.

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Hi. I'm Doctor Andrew Norden, Chief Medical Officer for Iris. As a neuro-oncologist, I spent the better part of my career at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute caring for patients with brain tumors and their families. I witnessed the hope, and I witnessed the frustration — the frustration from the gaps in our traditional healthcare system. Gaps that technology has the power to close. The Iris team spoke to hundreds of patients like you to better understand the unmet needs of people going through cancer treatment.

The result is what you're holding in your hand. Think of Iris as your extended support team. Iris is here day and night to provide medical advice, mental health counseling, and direct you to resources based on your diagnosis, all from the comfort of your own home. The best place to begin is to connect with a peer mentor, someone who's been where you are and understands that you don't always know what you need. Your oncologist leads your care. We're here for the moments in between.