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Managing Medication Costs: A Guide to Available Resources

Cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, are known for their effectiveness and, unfortunately, their high costs. Even with insurance, the additional burden of prescription medications can lead to significant financial stress. It's not just the treatment itself; support medications for side effects and recovery add to the total cost which can further strain finances. 

Numerous programs and resources exist to help offset medication costs, though some require specific eligibility. Informing your care team about any financial challenges in affording your medications is crucial for accessing available assistance.

Support at Your Fingertips

If you're finding it hard to manage the costs of your medications, our Iris Nurse Navigators and Mental Health Therapists are here to support you. We will help based on your unique needs, considering your medications, diagnosis, and where you live.

Practical Tips and Resources

  • Seeking the Best Prices? Try GoodRX or CostPlus. Find where your prescriptions are most affordable. GoodRx compares local pharmacy prices and finds you the lowest cash price available, and CostPlus offers common drugs including cancer medications at low cost.  

  • In Need of Medication Donations? Discover RemediChain. For those facing financial hardships, RemediChain accepts donated, unused medications and partners with local cancer centers throughout the U.S. to provide donated medications. You can request a needed medication through their website or use their call and text option. Call or text: 833-999-1003. 

  • Looking for Direct Assistance? Check Manufacturer Websites. Directly from the source, many pharmaceutical companies offer financial aid and patient assistance programs. Our Iris Team can guide you through finding these valuable programs. 

  • Wondering About Generic Alternatives? Ask Your Provider or Pharmacy. Generic alternatives to your prescribed medications can be equally effective at a fraction of the cost. 

Cancer treatment is challenging, but you don't have to navigate the financial aspects alone. With the resources and support, you can start to manage medication costs without compromising care. Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength. Let us assist you in finding the support you need.