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Roadmap to Care: A Guide to Transportation Support

For many individuals and families navigating cancer treatment, the logistical and financial burden of arranging transportation to and from appointments can add a layer of stress. The following considerations may aid with transportation barriers. 

For Local Support and Assistance

  1. Cancer Treatment Center Resources:

    • Talk to a social worker or case manager at your cancer treatment facility for information on programs like free or reduced parking, travel funds, and local nonprofits that provide gas cards or help with transportation costs. 

  2. Searchable Online Resources:

  3. Community and Personal Network Support:


Insurance and Foundation Assistance

  1. Health Insurance Benefits:

    • Review your health insurance plan for potential financial support options for transportation to and from treatment sessions. 

  2. Cancer Foundations and Financial Aid Programs:


When Traveling for Treatment

Explore the following resources for additional support.


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