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On-Demand Event – Navigating the Holidays with Cancer: Crowds, Communicating, and Coping Ahead

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Duration: 60 minutes


Stephanie Meyers, MS, RD, LDN — Registered Dietitian and Licensed Nutritionist

Karen Fasciano, Psy.D. — Clinical Psychologist and Mental Health Director

Phoebe Souza, MSW, LCSW, MPH, OSW-C, APHSW-C — Social Worker Team Lead

Amy Pilotte, ANP- BC, ACHPN, OCN — Senior Oncology Advanced Practice Provider


Tune in to our on-demand group session discussing Navigating the holidays with cancer: Crowds, communicating, and coping ahead.

The holidays offer an opportunity to come together, celebrate, and participate in family traditions. They also bring a lot of pressure, especially when you have cancer.

From answering questions about your diagnosis and treatment to setting boundaries, Iris wants to help you anticipate what you’ll need during these moments and cope ahead of time.

Join the Iris Care Team for our on-demand discussion on managing risks and side effects, communicating your needs, and adapting recipes for food-centric gatherings. While the topics covered are relevant to the upcoming holiday season, they’re helpful to have on hand throughout the year.