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Writer’s Block? Kickstart Your Journal with 5 Starter Prompts

Journaling is more than capturing life's moments; it's a reflective journey, particularly valuable during challenging times like a cancer diagnosis. It offers a space to express emotions, celebrate wins, and recall joyous times. Yet, starting can be daunting. Writing prompts help get your thoughts flowing. 

Here are 5 to start with: 

  1. Reflect on Resilience: Write about what makes you feel strong. This could be people, places, or personal qualities that lift your spirit. 

  2. Savor Memories: Recall a beautiful place you've visited. Immerse yourself in the details—the sights, the scents, the sounds—and let the memory transport you. 

  3. Celebrate Creativity: Think of a time you brought something new into your life, be it a piece of art, a friendship, or a fresh perspective. Highlight your capacity for creation. 

  4. Acknowledge Your Positives: List the sources of support, laughter, and joy in your life. Recognizing these can be a source of strength and hope. 

  5. Practice Self-Compassion: Reflect on a recent act of kindness towards a friend. How can you extend that same kindness to yourself? 

Consider each prompt as a reusable guide as you continue journaling. Let your words and thoughts spill onto paper naturally – or whichever medium feels comfortable to you. Keep in mind that the very act of writing helps etch your experiences into memory, signaling to your mind the importance of your words and expressions.

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