Iris Mini: What is Five Wishes?

Five Wishes is an advance directive, a legally binding document that states whom you would want to make decisions for you if you were to become seriously ill and unable to make decisions for yourself. The document also allows you to express what types of medical care or interventions you would want or not want when you become seriously ill.

As you complete your Five Wishes, it is important to talk with your loved ones about who you would like to be involved in making medical decisions on your behalf, and make sure they are aware of your wishes. It’s ideal to begin these conversations -- which can feel overwhelming yet important -- while you are still feeling well enough to express yourself.

You don’t have to do this all on your own – invite your medical team to assist in having conversations with you and your loved ones. It’s as much for your medical team to know your wishes as it is for your loved ones. You can also schedule a visit with an Iris Nurse Navigator or Mental Health Therapist to help navigate completing a Five Wishes document.

Once completed and signed, make sure to provide your loved ones and your medical team with a copy of your Five Wishes. A completed Five Wishes has multiple benefits – it can help you to feel a greater sense of control over your health care, your loved ones the confidence to clearly know how advocate for you, and your medical team the ability to appropriately treat and care for you in the way in which you had envisioned for yourself.

Oncohealth has partnered with Five Wishes to provide you with access to the document at no cost to you. Go to and enter the code OncoHealth22 under "Campaign Code". Please reach out to an Iris care team member if you have any questions, or difficulties accessing Five Wishes. For Step-by-Step instructions on accessing Five Wishes and creating an account Click Here

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