Know Your Resources: The Cost of Medications

Cancer treatment including chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy are expensive treatments, with and without medical insurance. In addition, your medical team may prescribe other medications to support you during treatment and beyond, which can all add up and bring a feeling of financial distress.

There are many programs and resources available to assist with the cost of these medications. Some have certain eligibility requirements to be able to access the support while other programs are free to all. It is important to notify your care team if you are having difficulty affording your medication so they can help you access resources that may be available to you.

How Can Iris Help?

Reach out to an Iris Nurse Navigator or Iris Mental Health Therapist if you are struggling to pay for and access your medications. Iris’ financial navigation program can explore available resources based on your medications, diagnosis, and location that may provide significant support.

Below is a list of some additional suggestions to get you started.

  • GoodRX: This website helps you locate where to purchase your prescribed medications at the lowest cost. It searches pharmacies in your area and tells you the cost of those medications if you pay in cash.

  • RemediChain: This company takes donated unused medications and partners with local cancer centers in the U.S. to make treatments available to people experiencing financial hardships. You can request a needed medication through their website or use their call and text option. Call or text: 833-999-1003

  • Manufacturer Websites: Some medications have financial aid and patient assistance programs directly through the supplier. You can go to the manufacturers website to look for programs or vouchers. Iris Resource Navigators can help you search for these programs.

  • Generic Alternatives: Sometimes, asking your pharmacy or provider if there is a generic alternative to expensive medications can lead to a more manageable cost. These medications are often just as effective as their more expensive counter parts.